VSLAM 智能小车平台

VSLAM 智能小车平台

VSLAM 智能小车平台

Motion and Recognition System Based on Atlas 200DK


This repository is a ROS package developed for mobile robot equipped with Huawei Atlas 200DK. The software is designed for the desktop navigation tasks with robots which only rely on raspberry pi camera. Besides that, the software also provides the gampping and navigation function with cheap distance sensor(e.g. LiDAR).


This software is build on the Robotic Operating System(ROS) and Huawei Mind Studio. Please check it installed first.


  • If you have a deployed robot, please visit fast_deploy.md for more detailed information.

  • If you have a undeployed robot, please visit deploy.md to deploy your robot.

  • If you do not have the robot, please visit assemble.md to purchase a robot and assemble it.


Please visit the project page.